[ About Glass Balcony ]

Frequently Asked Questions

What issues should I pay attention to during the construction of a glass balcony?

Once you decide to have a glass balcony, the reliability of the company you choose is very important. The installation process must be carried out meticulously and by professionals. One of the other important points is the material quality.

Do glass balconies have thermal insulation?

Our high quality products have thermal insulation. Special glasses are used for extra thermal insulation.

Can glass balconies be used indoors?

You can easily use your glass balconies both indoors and outdoors.

What is the ease of use of glass balconies?

All our products are very easy to use so that our customers are satisfied.

Are the dimensions of glass balconies standard?

We can design glass balcony products in the dimensions you want, according to the desired spaces and platforms.

Can Glass Balcony Operation Be Performed at All Angles?

Glass balcony systems can be installed at all angles. This process can also be easily applied on oval balconies.

In Which Areas Can Glass Balconies Be Used?

Glass balcony process can be used in all areas. It can be used in various areas such as homes, offices, stadiums, cafes and restaurants. Apart from balconies in home areas, it can also be used in gardens and similar areas.

Do Glass Balconies Break in the Wind?

All the glasses we sell have passed world-class quality tests and received successful results. These systems do not break in wind and bad weather conditions.

Is there a water leakage problem in glass balconies?

Su sızdırma problemi yüzey ve hava koşullarına göre değişiklik göstermektedir. Kullanmakta olduğmuz materyaller ve plakalar sayesinde %99 oranında su sızdırması yapmaz. Tahliye kanalları sayesinde biriken su dışarıya aktarılmaktadır. 

Are Glass Balconies Difficult to Clean?

Glass balconies are easy to clean due to their structure. They can be easily cleaned because they are foldable and open inwards.

Is There Heat Insulation in Glass Balconies?

It has a thermal insulation system thanks to the high quality materials we use.

Glass Balconies and Security

Glass balconies are designed to protect you against internal and external factors. Thanks to the child lock system, special security measures are taken for children.

Glass Balcony and Sound Insulation

Glass balcony systems produce positive results in terms of sound insulation. Depending on the glass thickness ratio, sound insulation can be increased.

Glass Balconies and Are They Contrary to Zoning Management?

You can easily have foldable glass balcony systems installed without any problems with official documents.

Can Color Be Applied to Glass Balcony Systems?

You can choose various color options before installing a glass balcony. Dark colored glasses can be used to block the view from the outside.

Are Glass Balconies Long-Lasting?

All of our glass balcony systems are covered by a 2-year warranty. The materials we use in our systems consist of the highest quality products. They are suitable for long-term use.

Do Glass Balconies Rust?

Thanks to the materials we use, there is no rust on your glass balconies.

What is the Glass Balcony Installation Time?

After the measurements for your balcony are taken, the manufacturing phase begins. Manufacturing time takes approximately 15 days. In special cases, this situation may change. After the manufacturing process, our team will contact you for the assembly process.

Can Glass Balconies Be Used Inside the House?

Glass balcony systems can be adjusted to divide interior spaces such as homes and offices.

Can Glass Balconies Be Used in Winter Gardens?

Glass balcony and handrail systems can be easily integrated into your winter gardens.