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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. EK TASARIM Company, which aims to deliver world-class quality products to its customers, has always been a preferred and repeated company thanks to its strong staff and various business partners. 

We are proud to have served in 60 countries in total, including Chile and China. Thanks to our expert engineers, we do not hesitate to push the limits of the highest quality products with the most affordable budget while bringing innovative and crucial designs to the fore…

Mission and Vision

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We are happy to take the right steps on this path that we have embarked on by prioritizing the elements of reliability. We always support our customers before and after sales while demonstrating superior quality and service understanding.
We continue on our way with a quality and innovative service approach. We have taken it upon ourselves to create the most suitable environment for our customers on this path we are advancing. We are happy to be a brand that moves in this direction. We are growing and progressing day by day by taking firm steps.

As the Dealer of AlbertGenau Company, the Best in the World in Glass Systems, we are proud to provide you with the best service.

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