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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. EK TASARIM Company, which aims to deliver world-class quality products to its customers, has always been a preferred and repeated company thanks to its strong staff and various business partners. 

We are proud to have served in 60 countries in total, including Chile and China. Thanks to our expert engineers, we do not hesitate to push the limits of the highest quality products with the most affordable budget while bringing innovative and crucial designs to the fore…

Glass Systems

As the Dealer of AlbertGenau Company, the Best in the World in Glass Systems, we are proud to provide you with the best service.

[ Customer comments ]

User comments

“I contacted EK TASARIM to experience the comfort of the garden during the winter months. Thanks to the system used, I now have a winter garden. It is extremely pleasing that my garden is available for use outside of the summer months. Thanks to the thermal insulation, we can enjoy the sunset with my children in the evenings. Thank you so much.”
Ayça Özden
“Thanks to technological systems that can be folded without touching, we were also happy to refresh our environment in our restaurant without affecting the comfort of our customers. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.”
Serdar Demir
Business Manager
“Thanks to the foldable glass balcony systems, we have gained a spacious area on our balcony. "Thanks to its ability to be opened completely, we can use our balcony as a cool room in the summer and as an extra room in the winter."
Sevil Altinkaya
Financial Advisor

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[ Superior Engineering ]

Special Touches in All Our Projects

Thanks to our staff of Special Engineers, we meticulously evaluate and design all large and small-scale projects. We move forward in a planned line with our engineers who think through all the details, and we bring your opinions and dreams to life. While we aim to protect the design and concept of your space, we care about your safety and health...



The company you choose to have a glass balcony is very important. The organization you choose should be reassuring in terms of past and future warranty and usability quality. Poor quality workmanship and materials for the glass balcony process pose great risks to you in the future. 

The material quality of the product you will use is one of the most important factors. Being stainless and waterproof, it will provide comfortable use to your life in the next period. In case of possible problems with glass balcony systems that require superior engineering, you may face water permeability and rusting.

You should definitely research the history of the company from which you will have a glass balcony installed. Even if it is under warranty, you may not be able to find a service you can contact after a few years. For this reason, the element of trust that the company gives you regarding the past and future in glass balcony systems is of great importance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues should I pay attention to during the construction of a glass balcony?

Once you decide to have a glass balcony, the reliability of the company you choose is very important. The installation process must be carried out meticulously and by professionals. One of the other important points is the material quality.

Do glass balconies have thermal insulation?

Our high quality products have thermal insulation. Special glasses are used for extra thermal insulation.

Can glass balconies be used indoors?

You can easily use your glass balconies both indoors and outdoors.

What is the ease of use of glass balconies?

All our products are very easy to use so that our customers are satisfied.

Quality Tests

Glass balcony systems have shown superior waterproof performance against heavy rainfall. It has Class2A status in European Union standards.

Water Permeability Tests

Our glass balcony models were subjected to wind testing at the German PFB Institute and were awarded the Class3 class.

Impact Resistance Tests

Our double-glazed glass balcony model was subjected to impact resistance tests of the German PFB Institute. It was deemed suitable for Classl2/E5 class according to European Union standards.

Wind Load Tests
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Product Potential

It's up to you to create a modern ambiance.

Compatible with All Areas

You can use glass balcony products in all interior and exterior spaces. You can turn your gardens into a warm winter garden.

Superior Engineering

We care about even the smallest details with our engineering staff. We eliminate problems that may occur in the future.

New Living Spaces

You can transform your open spaces into usable spaces with glass systems. Your balcony and terrace are ready for use even in winter months.

Original Designs

Get frames that suit your style with modern and original designs. Get a modern look as well as heat and sound insulation.



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