Foldable Glass Balcony Systems

Foldable Glass Balcony Systems

Foldable glass balcony Enjoy all seasons thanks to our systems. Thanks to the foldable railed glasses, you will provide high-level heat and sound insulation. Thanks to the original design and concept, all your open spaces will be open to use. 

Foldable glass balcony systems provide 5 times more thermal insulation than their competitors. 5-layer glass systems produce successful results in all seasons. In this way, you will get cool and comfortable in summer and maximum warmth in winter.

Reliable Lock Systems with Original Designs

Get a useful appearance and design thanks to designs created in the ratio you want and up-to-date lock systems. High-level safety measures have been taken for children with foldable door handles. Glass balconies with espagnolette locking systems have a more reliable structure than normal locking systems.

Foldable Glass Balcony Systems High Ratio Durability

Double glazed glass balcony The systems have been subjected to all bad weather and harsh natural conditions tests and achieved a superior success rate. The documents and patents we have received fully support this situation.

High-End Stainless Wheels

Glass balcony Wheels, one of the most important equipment of the systems, rust over time due to the water and adverse weather conditions they are exposed to. To avoid such problems, high-quality equipment is used in our products. High-level tests have been carried out on all the equipment we use in our glass balcony systems.

Special Design Standards

Glass balconies are suitable for all areas. After the necessary measurements are made, the glass balcony process can be applied. It is designed to be used in all areas, thanks to additional plates in rugged and rough areas.

Our European Union Testing Certificates

Superior Technology Meets Glass Balconies

Aesthetic Posture

EK Design glass balcony systems can be fully opened whenever desired. In this way, it adds a fresh atmosphere to your environment. Thanks to its ability to stand at all angles, poles are not needed.

Jalousie Curtain Option

You can integrate a blind system into your glass balcony systems. In this way, you will get a dark atmosphere without the need to use curtains.

Wind Locks

Wind locks, which hold many parts together, eliminate problems that may occur in high wind conditions.

Special Lock System

You can take security measures for your family and pets thanks to special lock systems that can be integrated into your glass balconies.


Child Safety Lock

Special safety locks can be added for small individuals and your pets. Thanks to child locks, you can use your glass balconies with peace of mind.

Adjustable Profiles

The profiles we use are adjustable. It is possible to integrate these profiles onto all your surfaces. It is also used in curved areas.

Quality Glass Types

We use the most suitable and highest quality glass types. Our products have successfully completed all durability tests. Various glass derivatives can be used for different areas of use.

Perfect Movement

Our glass panels can be fully opened and folded if desired. Quality wheels provide a perfect movement option.

Water Transfer Channels

Thanks to the water drainage system, water and air entry from outside is prevented. In this way, water and air ingress is prevented.

Special Lock Options

Thanks to special lock options, glass panels are automatically locked when they reach certain areas.

With superior quality standards

Our products are produced at world quality standards. It is subjected to all necessary tests. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the dimensions of glass balconies standard?

It is possible to make glass balconies in desired dimensions. Special designs can be made for oval and rough surfaces. 

Do water leaks occur on glass balconies?

Special precautions are taken to prevent water leakage from glass balconies. The chances of water leakage are reduced by . The geographical conditions and weather conditions also vary depending on the conditions of use. Our products are produced in accordance with European quality standards and have obtained all necessary certificates.

Can I have a glass balcony system installed on oval balconies?

Thanks to special measurements and superior engineering success, glass balconies can also be applied to oval areas.

Are glass balcony systems safe for children?

Thanks to the lock systems specially designed for children, your little ones will be extremely safe.

Can rust occur on products?

Stainless steel materials are used in the materials we use. Our products are specially designed for long-term use.

Is there heat and sound insulation in glass balconies?

Heat and sound insulation performances are high in specially applied glass balconies.


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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 

Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…

Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 


Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…