Guillotine Glass Systems

What is Guillotine Glass System?

It is a type of retractable system used on windows or doors. The panels slide on a track from the top or bottom and open or close. Provides aesthetic appearance and ease of use. In addition What is guillotine glass system? and how to use it are among the questions we receive. It is supported by a special rail system and moved up or down. Generally, top or bottom push or pull mechanisms are used.

It is preferred in businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels. They can also be used in homes and offices. It opens the interior spaces to the outside environment, allowing more natural light and making the spaces feel refreshing. Some of the advantages are:

  • It offers an aesthetic, stylish and modern appearance and adds an elegant atmosphere to spaces.
  • Natural light, wide opening allows more natural light to enter the interior.
  • What is Guillotine Glass System?Ease of use, easy to open and close and user friendly.
  • Partially opening the panels helps control air flow and ensures good ventilation in spaces.
  • Wide Openings are ideal for covering large openings and offer ample viewing area.

Guillotine glass system, may require special design and applications and it is recommended that you consult an expert. Professionals can help you choose a system that suits your needs and manage the installation process. As Ek Tasarım, we provide services with our experienced team under the assurance of Albert Genau.

What is the Albert Genau Guillotine Glass System?

The air gap between the glass panels and quality materials prevent outside sounds from entering the interior and increase sound insulation. High quality and sealing systems increase energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. In this way, savings can be achieved in heating and cooling costs.

Laminate can be strengthened using glasses. In this way, it provides safety by preventing the pieces from being dispersed in case the windows are broken. It can be easily removed and cleaned. This makes cleaning easier and reduces maintenance time.

It can be used in various places and areas. It offers the opportunity to be used in many different areas such as restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, terraces and verandas.

Things to pay attention

  • Professional Help
  • Its selection, design and installation may require expertise. It is important to consult an expert to choose the right system and ensure a safe installation.
  • Maintenance and repair
  • It may need regular maintenance and repair. It is important to perform periodic checks and necessary maintenance to ensure parts are working properly.
  • Cost
  • It varies depending on the quality of the materials to be used, dimensions and design. It is important to make a choice that suits your budget.

Guillotine glass systemprovides aesthetics, functionality and ease of use for many people and businesses looking for retractable glass solutions. However, it is important to contact an expert to determine the best solution for your project's characteristics and needs.