Zip Curtain Systems

Zip Curtain Systems

Zip Curtain Systems Also known as motorized curtain system. It is made from specially designed fabrics. It is suitable for use in various areas such as home, office and restaurant. 

Thanks to the zip curtain, high-level thermal insulation and the effect of other external factors are reduced. It also gives you the result you want in terms of aesthetics. 

Zip Curtain Systems It is a product that stands out with its modern and elegant design compared to its competitors. It provides an advantage to users by adapting to the existing space decoration. 

Protection Against External Factors with Original Designs

There are designs created in the ratio you want and product options that adapt to weather conditions. It is frequently requested, especially in areas that receive more than 8 hours of sun during the day. 

Zip Curtain and New Generation Motor Systems

Zip Curtain Systems It provides ease of use thanks to new generation technological infrastructures. Instead of manually opening curtains, they are moved via a remote control. It can be used at any desired level depending on wind, precipitation and sunlight. 

High-Level Fabric Use

Our products are designed in accordance with the aesthetic standards of the field. In this sense, the fabric used in making zip curtains is very effective. It is a system that stands out with its technological infrastructure and fabric selection at high quality standards. 

Outdoor and Indoor Harmony

One of the most important elements of winter garden design is the choice of curtains. Zip curtain systems stand out by adapting to people's needs in this regard. It contributes to the space gaining a stylish and modern appearance. It provides the results desired by users in villas, cafes and workplaces. 

Our European Union Testing Certificates
Zip Curtain Systems


Resistance to Sunlight

It can be used as a shade, preventing sunlight from entering. It provides ventilation and provides shading with its specially designed fabric.

Aesthetic look

With its modern design, it gives an aesthetic appearance to the area in question. It ensures that your guests have a pleasant time, especially in cafes and restaurants.

Quality Fabric Variety

We use the most suitable and highest quality fabric types. Our products have successfully completed all durability tests. Various fabric types are available for areas of use. A look that is compatible with your living space is achieved.

New Generation Engine Systems

It is stated that users of zip curtain systems experience a high level of satisfaction. It is very easy to use with its new generation technological infrastructure.

Waterproof Material

It has a protection feature against dust and similar elements. It does not pass liquid products for rainy weather conditions.

Compatibility with Harsh Weather Conditions

It makes its environment livable with its materials compatible with all four seasons. Rain and sunny weather conditions

With superior quality standards

Our products are produced at world quality standards. It is subjected to all necessary tests. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are zip curtain systems durable?

Zip curtain is resistant to wind and water. In addition, it is preferred in terms of aesthetics because it gives you the look of your dreams. 

What does zip curtain mean?

They can be summarized as motorized curtain systems. It has the feature of preventing sunlight with special fabrics that resemble roller blinds. 

Do zip curtains block out the sun?

It is very effective on sunny windows in offices and homes. In addition to preventing wind and rain, it also prevents sunlight. 

How to clean zip curtains?

Instead of frequent brushes, products with soft bristles that will not damage the zip curtain fabric should be used. You can also get help from specially prepared cleaning equipment. 

Is the zip curtain wind resistant?

It stands out with its resistance to geographically harsh weather conditions. In this way, a positive user experience is recorded. 


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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 

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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 


Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…