Winter Gardens

Winter garden

New Generation Winter Gardens

It is usually built as an extension of houses or other structures and allows plants to grow and develop while being protected against cold weather conditions. Albert Genau Winter Gardensoffers you comfort and pleasure together. These gardens can be used to grow plants living in cold climates, to protect tropical plants or simply to create an aesthetic space.

winter gardens, can be created for various purposes. Purposes such as plant cultivation, landscape design, recreation area or creating a natural extension to the interior of the house may come to the fore.

Usually covered with materials such as glass or clear polycarbonate sheets winter gardenshelps control indoor heat and humidity levels while providing plants with adequate sunlight. It can be decorated with decorative elements as well as plants. Elements such as furniture, lighting, decorations and water features can help make the conservatory an aesthetically appealing and useful space.


Types of Winter Gardens

1. Winter Gardens by Type of Use

Folding winter gardens; It offers the opportunity to be in touch with nature seasonally with its flexible and functional designs. Although some details may vary depending on the product and manufacturer, these gardens generally attract attention with their ease of use and suitability for different purposes.

Fixed Winter Gardens

Fixed winter gardens; They are special spaces that can be used in all seasons and are generally built as extensions of houses or other structures. It is preferred as a way to enjoy natural beauties without depending on the seasons and to make indoor life more diverse.

2. Winter Gardens by Roof Type

Winter gardens with single-pitched flat roofs, They are special spaces with a roof design that is high on one side and lower on the other. This design is often built as an extension of the house and is used to enlarge the interior, grow plants or create a comfortable seating area.

Double Pitched Gable Roof

Double-pitched gable roofsare special spaces with a roof design that has two rising surfaces and meets in the middle. This design is often built in houses and as extensions of structures and is used to expand the interior space, let in natural light and achieve an aesthetic appearance.

3. Winter Gardens According to Glass Type

Double-glazed winter gardens, It is a type of glass with high thermal insulation properties and provides temperature control of the interior by minimizing temperature differences. Winter gardens built using double glazing increase energy efficiency by providing better heating and cooling of the interior.

Single Glazed Winter Garden

Single-glazed winter gardens, These are spaces that generally have glass surfaces with a single layer of glass. These types of winter gardens are used to isolate the interior from outside weather conditions and can be used for growing indoor plants, creating a comfortable seating area or for other purposes.

Technicial Specifications

Heating system

Winter gardens are equipped with heating systems to protect against cold weather conditions. Usually electric heaters, radiators or underfloor heating systems are used.


Winter gardens should have a good ventilation system. This improves the air quality inside and prevents extreme temperatures.

Insulation and Waterproofing

Insulation and waterproofing in winter garden construction prevents the interior from being affected by external weather conditions and ensures the long life of the space.

With superior quality standards

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Building Information

Various Designs

Our glasses are produced in all thicknesses you need and can be applied at any level you want.

Secure Lock Option

High level security measures are taken thanks to the reliable lock system. There are lock systems specially designed for your little individuals.

Rail System Comfort

Thanks to the rails, comfortable and long-lasting usage is achieved. These rails can be designed to the desired length.

Stainless Featured

Bearing and rail sets consist of stainless surfaces. Thanks to these surfaces, you can achieve long-term use.


Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 

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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 


Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…