Minimal Sliding System

Minimal Sliding Joinery Controlled System

It will give an aesthetic appearance to your living spaces with its modern and minimal design. Minimal sliding system It is placed under the floor of the side and bottom case. In this way, a transition between indoor and outdoor is provided. 

We provide you with new spaces with highly insulated materials and sliding door systems. It has various advantages when compared to similar systems. Large glass surfaces make the available space brighter. 

Minimal sliding system It provides ease of use with its new generation remote control technology. It also has features such as heat and sound insulation. It is preferred by many people with its safe and superior quality systems. 

Create New Spaces with Highly Insulated Aluminum 

Glass systems separating the garden and terrace have now become more useful with minimal designs. It neutralizes environmental elements such as heat and sound. 

Minimal Sliding Joinery and Automatic Control System

Minimal sliding system We make your home and office more spacious and bright. There are certain reasons why it is preferred by many individuals. Thanks to its remote control system, it has a mechanism that allows easy opening and closing. 

Design Possibilities for Your Needs

Terraces, gardens and balconies are the areas where we spend most of our social life. We design the glass system that suits you by taking into account factors such as profile dimensions and rail systems. We provide service with high quality standards and advanced technology products. 

Our European Union Testing Certificates
Minimal Sliding System

Superior Technology Meets Glass Systems

Aesthetic Posture

EK Design minimal sliding system can be fully opened whenever desired. In this way, it adds a fresh atmosphere to your environment. It saves space for users with rails placed under the flooring.

Wider and Lighter Areas

One of the advantages of the minimal sliding joinery control system is from an architectural perspective. We create brighter and more spacious spaces with large glass surfaces.

Heat and Sound Insulation

It has the feature of reducing the effects of negative elements from the environment. You can have more peaceful spaces by preventing factors such as heat and loud noise.

Special Controlled Engine System

The minimal sliding system stands out with its specially designed remote control technology. It provides high-capacity performance, allowing people practical use.


Automatic Engine Systems

The minimal sliding system provides ease of use for many people with its remote control mechanism. It makes your living space more modern with its high performance quality.

Heat Barrier Between Profiles

New generation materials are used in the design and construction process. In this way, the heat balance between the outside and the inside is maintained. Heat insulation is provided with advanced technology sliding systems.

Profile Dimensions Suitable for the Space

We design glass systems tailored to your needs and in accordance with the architecture of your home, office and terrace. Profile sizes suitable for the space are determined by our professional team.

Large Glass Surface

You can have brighter and more spacious spaces with new generation glass systems. Brighter areas are obtained with the minimal sliding joinery mechanism.

Minimal Design

Compared to similar glass and balcony systems, the desired aesthetic result is achieved. It provides people with alternative spaces with its modern and minimal design.

Advanced Sliding Wheel Systems

It has a mechanism with special profile dimensions and sliding wheel systems. It stands out with its practical use and reliability.

With superior quality standards

Our products are produced at world quality standards. It is subjected to all necessary tests. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the minimal sliding system have heat and sound insulation?

Thanks to new generation profile systems, heat and noise pollution due to environmental factors are prevented. 

Will there be discharge due to water leakage?

The minimal application system, production conditions and equipment used are carefully selected. Therefore, events that occur as a result of water leakage and other natural factors are prevented. Our products are produced in accordance with European quality standards and have obtained all necessary certificates.

How does the remote control system work?

The minimal sliding joinery system has a mechanism that includes an electronic infrastructure. High performance is achieved via remote control. 

Can rust occur on products?

Stainless steel materials are used in the materials we use. Our products are specially designed for long-term use.


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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 

Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…

Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 


Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…