Bioclimatic Pergola Systems

Bioclimatic Pergola

It has a design that is very suitable for use in every place. Also known as a retractable roof Bioclimatic Pergola Their systems stand out with their aesthetic design. It is a mechanism generally used to make gardens and terraces more useful. 

It is very important how open spaces, which are an indispensable part of social environments, are designed. It directly affects the atmosphere and ambiance of the place. It plays an active role in spending quality time in city life.

Bioclimatic Pergolais a movable ceiling system that includes different panels. It has the ability to move thanks to its electronic infrastructure. Therefore, a comfortable space is obtained during summer and winter months. 

Design Suitable for Four Seasons Use

It has the ability to rotate, open and close with movable panels. You can benefit from fresh air in your home or office environment. It is possible to benefit from sunlight for a longer period of time. It is very suitable for adverse weather conditions such as rain and snowfall. 

Modern Living Spaces with Bioclimatic Pergola System 

It has the ability to adapt to your existing living space with panel options in different colors. We make your winter garden more enjoyable with its modern and aesthetic design. We provide services with the aim of improving the quality of the time you spend with your family and friends. 

Aesthetic Outdoor Spaces in Restaurants, Homes and Gardens

Areas with various qualities can be rearranged with the Bioclimatic Pergola. It is very suitable for adding new areas to restaurants, cafes and offices. Thanks to its heat insulation feature, it preserves the air inside. You can spend longer periods of time on the terrace and garden. 

Our European Union Testing Certificates
Bioclimatic Pergola

Superior Technology Meets Ceiling Systems

Four Seasons Comfortable Use

As EK Design, we design livable spaces with our professional team. Thanks to its movable system, it can be used uninterruptedly in all four seasons.

Retractable New Generation Panels

Within the scope of the Bioclimatic Pergola System, you can have alternative spaces with retractable panels. More spacious areas are obtained by directly letting in the sun's rays.

Thermal Insulation with Special Insulation System

It prevents negative situations caused by external factors. With its advanced panels, it ensures that factors such as rain, dust and heat are experienced at a minimum level.

Outdoor Spaces with Modern Design

Care is taken to ensure harmony with the architecture of the area in question. Attention is paid to factors such as color harmony and the type of material used. More aesthetic and useful areas are available.


Water Drain System

You can spend time comfortably outdoors without being affected by rain and snow. Thanks to the evacuation system, importance is given to the hygiene of the interior.

Colored Body Options

Thanks to new generation equipment, it is designed according to your personal wishes. The desired architectural appearance can be achieved with panel options in different colors.

Panels That Can Be Opened From Any Direction

It has panels that can rotate around themselves and are fully retractable. You can have bright and spacious spaces.

Shading with Multi-Purpose Panels

It can perform multiple functions at the same time with its folding ceiling system. While providing ventilation of the space, shading is created.

Easy Cleaning with Folding Feature

Bioclimatic Pergola is easily cleaned with the folding function of the ceiling panels. It is preferred because it does not create a risky situation in terms of security.

Suitable for Use in Different Environments

It is preferred by many people with its practical use, modern appearance and advanced technical mechanism. It can be applied to areas with different functions such as home, office, villa and restaurant.

With superior quality standards

Our products are produced at world quality standards. It is subjected to all necessary tests. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bioclimatic pergola system?

It is not affected by adverse weather conditions with its panels that can be opened from different angles. For this reason, it is a ceiling system that many users are satisfied with. 

Is the bioclimatic pergola durable?

It has been used effectively for many years due to its durable and flexible structure. Our products are produced in accordance with European quality standards and have obtained all necessary certificates.

What should be the slope of the pergola?

The decision is made by taking into account the architectural structure and technical characteristics of the area in question. You can get information by consulting our expert team on glass and ceiling systems. 

Is there heat and sound insulation?

We use new generation products within the scope of bioclimatic pergola systems. In this sense, it can be said that the area in question is free from factors such as cold and hot air and noise. 


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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 

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Continuing its path with successful and confident steps, EK TASARIM is happy to fulfill all demands regarding glass balcony systems. 


Copyright © 2021 EK Design Maximum Web. All rights reserved…